I live in West Newton, Massachusetts and have had the opportunity to observe one of your projects that is being done on a big old Victorian home. Late last week I was walking my dogs in the neighborhood and observed a gentlemen in the neighborhood who is confined to a wheelchair who appeared to be in trouble. I also noticed that someone from the roofing crew also saw that he was in trouble. He climbed off of the roof and walked across the street to try and help this person. Knowing that the wheelchair was motorized and likely heavy, I walked over to see if I could help. The wheelchair had gotten stuck in a large broken piece of sidewalk and was not able to be removed without help. The front wheel also was damaged. Your employee called for another individual off of the roof to help him get the person in the wheelchair out of the predicament he had gotten himself into. The second person came over and both gentlemen were able to help this person and temporarily repaired his broken wheel so he could get home.
The gentlemen who initially came over determined it would be best to walk the person in the wheelchair home to be sure he got home safely. This was probably a 3 block walk for him. I must have said wow to myself several times at how generous this individual was with both his time and spirit.
In today’s day in age this type of kindness is not often seen.  I want to applaud you on this crew that is working in West Newton. They are working really hard so maybe they can get a day off soon!!!! If I ever need a roof your company will be the first one I call. Thank you for employing such a great group of gentlemen.
Andrea L. , West Newton

“Choice Roofing Corp. was a breath of fresh air when it came to utilizing a contractor. Ray and his team promptly returned my phone calls, patiently answered all my questions, and provided me with excellent service during the course of the project. I will most definitely use Choice Roofing Corp. for any future project and recommend you to do the same.”